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Murder On Music Row | A Nashville Thriller$17.99

Not unlike John Grisham's legal thrillers and Michael Crichton's science-based thrillers, Stuart Dill's "music industry thriller" can now be added to the literary lexicon. Murder on Music Row leads readers through a maze of twists and turns that connect Nashville, New York, Los Angeles, and London in a behind-the-scenes look at an industry where there are no limits in the pursuit of money, power, and fame.


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“The quality that sets this book apart from other Nashville-based mysteries — including last year'sNashville Noirfrom theMurder, She Wroteseries — is that Dill brings 26 years of Music Row experience to his story, which begins with an assassination attempt during a video shoot on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Dill freely mixes real and fictional people in his plot, and Music Row insiders will notice similarities between certain of his characters and actual industry figures.”

Special Feature

“Just like any great mystery, some of the characters inMurder On Music Rowhave a dark side that you don’t see — until the final chapters of the book. [It's] like a roller coaster. At the beginning, you are clicking your way up the top of the hill, then all of a sudden, you take a nosedive down and there are some twists and turns, and it gets pretty furious at the end.”

Music News Nashville

“What pleases and surprises is the quality of dialogue from first-time novelist Dill. As the cliché goes, he has a real ear for it…. As in Stephen King's work, the best part of Dill's writing might be his timely pop-culture and regional references. You feel like you know something about both managing a country-music act and also quite a bit about the culture of the Nashville music industry after reading this novel.”

Ross Johnson

Commercial Appeal

“The writing style is concise and the dialogue feels real…. The book seems tailor made to come alive on the silver screen…it’s a home run. Once you get to turning a few pages you’ll find yourself caught in the intrigue like the draft behind a fully-loaded 18 wheeler barreling down interstate I-65.”

Dave Ross

“Dill has seen and learned some things in his quarter century as a manager, and his book,Murder on Music Row, is a window into some of those experiences. It’s also a thriller, which is where the murder part comes in…. In the book’s 341 pages, Dill spills a few secrets about ways to effectively manage recording artists.”

Peter Cooper

The Tennessean

“Remember your first John Grisham? Country music veteran Dill (he served as a personal manager for Minnie Pearl, Dwight Yoakam, and other greats) doesn’t miss a beat in this debut high-adrenaline thriller full of twists and turns.”

Library Journal

Starred Review

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